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Gehn v.7 is Live!

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After a bit of quiet over on the Gehn front these past few weeks, the H'uru team announced yesterday that their Gehn testing Shard has been updated to version 7. It contains some new improvements and bug fixes. One notable feature is added to the launcher: the language changer! You can now easily select other languages in which to play Uru. Another notable feature is a flashing game window on new KI pms and KI mail.

Your client will be automatically updated on startup. Changes include:

  • Utilize Windows 7 taskbar progress bars
  • Add language changer to launcher
  • Flash game window on new KI pms and KI mail
  • Allow users to play Uru in any resolution supported by their monitor
  • Add randomness (remove Shroomie predictability)
  • Replace stack dumps with independent crash handler
  • Lots of under-the-hood goodness
  • Fix download progress bars tracking the wrong total file sizes
  • Fix edge cases related to DST
  • Fix a potential float overflow
  • Fix Relto nosedive (partial)
  • Fix some weird camera transitions
  • Fix some lag
  • Perturbed matrices

Deledrius posted an important note about the new multi-language functions:

Please note: while you can now easily select other languages in which to play Uru, much of the language support is currently spotty at best as the translations provided by Cyan are incomplete, and the data files do not always properly reference the translations which do exist. This is something the Writers hope to rectify as soon as possible. Meanwhile, please remember to contribute to GULP so that they will all have more complete translations to use when we are able to take full advantage of them!

Translation Note: A Français translation of this content is available here.
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